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About Me

Experience, Excellence, Honesty and Dependability

I have over ten years of experience as a high level Administrative Assistant in different areas of residential real estate including acquisitions, land planning, legal, human resources, finance and construction. Before beginning my career as an Administrative Assistant, I worked as a teacher for the Broward County Public Schools. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Florida Atlantic University. The combination of my educational background, professional experience, profile and track record make me an excellent choice for your virtual administrative support needs.

My goal is to support my team (and those I serve) with excellence, efficiency, professionalism, kindness, integrity, honesty and respect. I highly prefer and thrive working for people and organizations that value these traits.

Many executives I have supported were frequently on the road, so I am used to working independently and under minimal supervision. 

Even though I may not have experience working for your specific type of firm, I believe the following experience can substitute for this specific requirement:

  • During my tenure, I have successfully supported and interacted with a diverse array of high level executives including attorneys, architects, financial analysts, CFOs, controllers, human resources vice presidents, and many others.
  • In my previous positions, I have often assisted other departments with special projects and overflow work as needed.
  • I have experience working in diverse disciplines including acquisitions, land planning, legal, human resources, finance and construction.

I also enjoy making a difference in my community through volunteer work. My volunteer experiences include serving as a simultaneous (live) English to Spanish translator for a large South Florida nonprofit organization, and co-leading free self help support groups in Broward County. A healthy work-life balance is very important to me so I can continue to pursue volunteer opportunities, spend time with family and friends and live a balanced life.

I am an extremely dedicated, motivated, focused, organized, detailed oriented, responsible, and enthusiastic individual. I am looking forward to working, growing and succeeding not just as an individual but as part of a collaborative team. I enjoy working behind the scenes and helping others succeed.  I am experienced in prioritizing and completing numerous concurrent responsibilities while meeting time and organizational goals. I have a sound professional attitude, strong work ethics and take pride in personal performance. I am highly computer literate and experienced with the Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access). I have excellent letters of recommendation and professional references available upon request.

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